Where shall I go next?

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It seems a long time since I’ve posted here ….I tend to get a bit lazy and caught up in the mundaneness of real life. Anyway, here I am, on a plane for the first time since returning from Vietnam at the end of November last year. We’re not far off seven hours into the flight and it’s not been too bad so far ….I got a good nights sleep last night, boarded my Virgin Atlantic flight at lunchtime, watched a couple of movies and here we are ….on the home stretch.

So, what holiday news since the Far East? Well I have been very active in researching prospective holiday destinations ……Gambia, Goa, Cyprus, Amsterdam, Portugal, Cuba, Mexico ….well, in fact any country or city you care to name ….I know I must drive people at work crazy with my anguished cries of ‘Where shall I go next?’.

I started the year by booking flights to Amsterdam with my friend, something we’ve talked about for ages but with it being my fiftieth birthday this year, something she loves to remind me about, we decided an apt way to celebrate would be to get on a plane, so, as I say, flights all booked. Others in the planning are a cheap getaway in May to either Cyprus, Portugal or turkey. Turkey is always cheap but I wanted a new country so I may ditch my usual all inclusive and opt for a self catering visit to Cyprus.

The next trip will be to a festival in Spain in July with my another friend ….we had talked about going to Budapest in Hungary, however, as we investigated prices it became clear that it was going to be a very expensive few days. Then out of the blue, Natalie found a fledgling festival in Madrid that had a great lineup and really good reviews so within two days we’d booked tickets, flights and accommodation. The festival is Madcool ….definitely worth a look if you’re wanting to see some live music in the sun over the summer. So with Amsterdam in September and possibly Gambia or India at the tail end of the year, I think that’ll be my lot …..a bit greedy some might say ….and many already have 😀.

Anyway, here we are somewhere 35000 ft above the Atlantic Ocean, and if you haven’t already guessed, and there’s no reason you would have, this Virgin Atlantic flight VS063 is heading for Havana, Cuba. In fact, by the time I get to post this, I should already have arrived at my hotel in the old town where I’ll be spending three nights before heading to the regular tourist spot of Varadero for seven days of relaxation. To be honest, while I’ve been pretty excited about getting away, I have no real expectations. My Far East trip had been a bit too full on and I don’t feel I really got a proper chance to take it all in while I was there which kind of spoilt my enjoyment to a certain extent. It’ll hopefully be a bit different here where I can take things at my own pace. So, all that remains is to say bon voyage to you all and, hopefully I’ll be back soon.

Edit: no Wi-Fi in the hotel hence a delay to.posting this.


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