Cyprus twice

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A year ago almost to the day, I returned from an amazing trip to Cuba. Having blogged my way through the holiday, I seemed to disappear ….well, at least I stopped writing about my adventures. I guess i get a bit lazy so I’m going to try and play catch-up in this post. When I think back I still had a fair amount of trips during the rest of the year. In fact, I had five more trips abroad last year ……that’s a total of six holidays, something that I know I’ll never better, at least not while I’m still working.

So how exactly did my year pan out in terms of travelling? On my return from Cuba, I got straight into looking for a new destination. I wanted somewhere else I hadn’t been to ….a new country to tick off. I already had a festival in Madrid booked for July and a trip to Amsterdam for my birthday in September, both places I had been to before. I needed somewhere to go to in May. In the end I plumped for Cyprus. I had tried booking Cyprus a few times but never found anywhere I was totally happy with and as a solo traveller, I am exceptionally fussy. I tend to think that if I’m going away with a friend, it won’t matter too much where I’m staying as there will be less chance of getting bored. Bored? On holiday? Yeah I know, but I’ve always been a bit paranoid that I’ll end up with nothing to do and bored of my own company. It happened when I went to Malta ….I absolutely hated it and couldn’t wait to leave ….so I always look into everything meticulously. Anyway, I had booked myself a nice hotel fairly near the seafront in Paphos …..the Avlida Hotel. In the event, I had a fantastic time and met so many people. Of course there was Russiagate ….yep, for some reason the Russians insist on attempting to exert their supposed superiority wherever they go. Fortunately, I was with a good crowd who backed me up although it nearly saw the start of world war 3. I also met a girl over there who I hit it off with. I did nearly miss my plane home though having stayed at her flat the night before travelling home. It was quite funny as I got back to my hotel in the morning and ran the gauntlet of comments from people I’d met who realised I hadn’t slept in my own bed. But I made my flight home in the end. One thing that I have to say is that the Cyprus sun is the hottest I have ever felt, and I say that having experienced something like 50 degrees in Morocco.

Now my next holiday was due to be the Madcool Festival in Madrid in July, however, I had this mad idea that it would be fun to go and visit my ‘friend’ in Cyprus …..for a weekend. It was a crazy idea and the flights were very expensive though of course I didn’t have to pay for accommodation. So the plan was to fly out early on the Thursday and fly back on the Sunday/Monday overnight flight, going straight into work from the airport. Again the weather was extremely hot and Cyprus didn’t disappoint, although I definitely drank too much that weekend.

It’s kind of strange going so far for such a short period ….I like to try these things once but not sure I’d do it again. I was pretty much shattered when I got back and didn’t make it into work on the Monday, choosing instead to go home and sleep.


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